Reliance Hub LLC Updates - July 2013 Publication


Reliance Hub's RIA Compliance Calendar is an interactive Compliance Calendar that provides information on certain standard SEC, CFTC and securities filings requirements that are typically applicable to SEC-registered private fund managers. Also included on the Calendar is a suggested compliance task schedule, which may be augmented and revised by you to match your firm's particular compliance schedule. Reliance Hub's Compliance Calendar will be updated from time-to-time, so be sure to check it often. If you have questions regarding Reliance Hub's RIA Compliance Calendar, would like other items to be included on the Calendar, or wish to obtain the password to modify the Calendar, please contact Reliance Hub LLC at (212) 705-4282 or at


About Reliance Hub LLC:

Reliance Hub LLC, an affiliate of Orical LLP, provides outsourced compliance assistance, compliance software and other non-legal services to investment advisers and broker-dealers. For more information on Reliance Hub and its services, please contact Rom Beneche, Director, at or (212) 705-4282.

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